Lymm1 Steaming Towards The Championship

Lymm1 entertained David Lloyd Manchester on Thursday evening. The season is entering its final few weeks and City of Manchester and Bowdon are challenging Lymm for the title.

First on were the number 1s. Darren was in no mood to repeat the generous 3-2s of recent weeks. Jack who was marking said afterwards he felt bad and guilty for Darren’s opponent. 9-0 and 9-1 in the first two games before Darren’s opponent sprang into life with a change of racket and the introduction of a cross court volley nick kill! DLM’s number 1 raced into a 6-0 lead before Darren remembered how to play, eventually winning 9-7.

Next on was Tod, once again sporting his very impressive warm-up top (which actually was never taken off during the match!) Tod intimidated and bullied his opponent into submission. Dangerous drives, super smashes and sensational serves all led to a very controlled 3-0 win.

Captain Jack was up next. Over the season you will be aware of Jack’s tendency to make the match last the full 5 games. However this week we saw a mean, determined and focussed Jack who destroyed his opponent only losing 2 points in the whole match. This resulted in his opponent coming off court sitting down on the balcony and crying! G-Dog’s pre-match chat about ‘Eating their children’ (a quote form Mike Tyson) clearly got to Jack! Lymm 3-0 up.

And speaking of the Dog, Graham Collier was also in no mood to lose tonight. He teased and tortured his ailing opponent who had no answer to the mesmeric shot selection from G-Dog (who was clearly out to impress his captain and be selected for the playoff team!)

Finally Drath Vader made his appearance at 2. He was playing a lady and did not make the same mistake Tod has made this year. He played wonderfully controlled squash never really looking in danger (apart from the game he dropped). Chris sealed a 5-0 win for Lymm and was then a complete gentleman as he allowed his opponent to shower first!

Next week we travel to Bowdon for a title shootout! All support is very much welcome!

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