Lymm1 Play-off Quarter Final Match Report

Lymm’s division Champions [Lymm 1] took on the Central South Champions Liverpool CC 5 on Thursday night. Both teams topped their respective leagues so a close encounter was anticipated. Lymm had four players making their play-off débuts so nerves and apprehension were clear, however once the crowd arrived and the chanting started the result was never in doubt!

First on court was Steve Clarke. He took on an experienced and argumentative opponent and showed off his speed and hard hitting to come out on top of a tight and hard fought match winning 3-2. Lymm were 1-0 up.

The crowd got what they wanted when the enigmatic Graham ‘G-Dog’ Collier entered the court. He loves a crowd and treated them to some classic dog! Graham ran out a 3-1 winner and then posed for the camera as he signed autographs for his sizeable fan club!

With the opportunity to win the match, Captain Jack was next up playing at 3. Jack showed no nerves at all as he displayed his impressive drives overpowering his opponent and looking very impressive as he raced to a 2-0 lead in front of his beloved girlfriend and enthusiastic crowd. Unfortunately for the supporters Jack’s super energetic opponent staged a great fight back resulting in a 3-2 loss. Score Lymm 2 Liverpool 1.

The number 1’s were next on with Darren McCann determined to seal the match and get revenge for his captain. With beautifully coordinated clothing Darren raced to a 2-0 lead before his opponent staged a fight back in the third. However drawing strength from the balcony he won the game 10-9 sealing the match for Lymm!

Last but certainly not least was Chris ‘The Beard’ Drath playing coincidently at 2 and against a 12 year old! Chris is a big match player and saved his best performance of the season for this match despatching a strong opponent with a 3-0 win.
A great win, great support, a great night and topped off with great lime pickle!
Next up a trip to Blackburn for the Play-Off Semi-Finals!

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