Northern Crosby 6 vs Lymm 1 (22/09/16)

Well after a long summer full of eating and drinking in excess, the Squash season started for Lymm’s 1st Team this Thursday.

Captain Peter had completed some last minute deals to strengthen the squad so spirits were high going into the first match against Northern Crosby. Northern were equally confident having had a very successful season last year finishing 3rd in the league.

First on court playing at 4 was our seasoned veteran Roger ‘Big Bad Rog’ Longman. Roger ran his little heart out, as he always does, leaving nothing on court (apart from a lot of sweat) running out a 3-1 winner.

Next on was Tim who showed his commitment to the team by delaying a 6 hour drive to play! Sporting superb new shoes Tim certainly looked the part and gave his young opponent a good lesson triumphing 3-2.

The next match on court was the first string match which saw Darren making his return to Lymm. Despite wearing a questionable headband (‘What do you mean lads? Thought it made me look well sick?’ ) he ran out a 3-0 winner. This gave Lymm an unassailable 3-0 lead.

Captain Fantastic was next on playing at 3. He enjoyed a very feisty match in which the air was definitely blue! Peter won 3-0 and was clearly satisfied at beating a very grumpy opponent. Never in trouble at all.

With no pressure at all other than knowing everyone else had won, Matt went on at 5.
Displaying what can only be described as ‘Champagne Squash’ Matt systematically took apart his opponent much to the packed gallery’s delight. Sealing his match 3-1, Matt was heard saying ‘I want to play at 1 next week, I could well batter Darren!’

So a 5-0 win and 20pts in the bag. Lymm could not have started the season any better. Next up is Liverpool next week!

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