Lymm 1 vs Liverpool CC 6 (29/9/16)

Lymm 1 vs Liverpool CC 6 29/9/16

Lymm’s first home match of the season was against a very strong Liverpool side.

First on court playing at 4 was Matt. Matt played brilliantly maintaining his good form however he came up against possibly the best number 4 I’ve seen play meaning that he lost 3-0 (in front of his mother-in-law!)
The rest of the Lymm team feared the worst as the strength of the Liverpool side became apparent.

Next up was Tim (Lymm’s Ramy) at 2. Again coming up against a strong opponent Tim had to be at his best and he was! Playing dazzling squash his opponent couldn’t live with him running out a 3-0 winner! This brought Lymm back into the match.

Steve (United Nations Peace Keeper) Turnbull was making his first appearance of the season due to Roger not being available. As he always does, he gave his best, dug in and offended everyone! Still, he won his match 3-0 giving Lymm a 2-1 lead.

Captain Fantastic Peter was on next playing at 3. He had the pressure of knowing a win would seal victory. As in all the matches the Lymm player was on top form defeating a very good lady from Liverpool. A 3-0 win meant Lymm had won the match. A real captain’s performance.

Finally it was the number 1s. The pressure was off Darren although it was clear he was up for the match right from the knock up! Playing possibly the longest player in the league, Darren had to be at his best to overcome him. A 3-1 win to Darren meant that Lymm ran out 4-1 winners!

Chicken curry and a magnificent lime pickle followed to finish the night off. Great set of lads and lady from Liverpool. Looking forward to the return match. Bring on Woolston!

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