Rules & Regulations

Lymm currently has one senior team competing in the North West Counties Squash League.  Lymm 1 is competing in Divison 5 Central South for the upcoming 2016/2017 winter league.

Basic League Rules and Regulations


Points will be one for each game won, with five bonus points for winning the match. In the event of a match being conceded by default the bonus will still be allowed.

In the event that at the end of a season, two or more teams have the same number of points, the teams shall be placed in order by reference to the number of matches won so that the team which has won more matches shall be placed higher. If the teams concerned have also won the same number of matches, those teams shall be placed in order by reference to the number of points scored against them so that the team which has had fewer points scored against shall be placed higher.

Match Walkovers

A walk over is defined as a fixture for which one side fails to raise more than two players.
Any team conceding a walk-over, apart from a club’s lowest team(s), shall be fined £25.


Clubs must select and play available players in order of merit and in accordance with the clubs’ playing order.

Captains must present a list containing their respective team orders to their opposite numbers before the commencement of a match. If a team is known to have a missing player before a match starts, the remaining players in the team shall move up a position in the playing order.

Each club must pay to the League before 1st July in any calendar year an affiliation fee per team for the playing season starting in or about September of that year.

Player Eligibility

Any person playing in a league match must be a bona-fide member of the club for which he or she plays and must be registered on the League’s web site or with the General Secretary or Match Secretary no later than 7 days after the first match in which he or she has played for the club in question.

No player may play more than once in the same league match. Players playing in the first Division on a Tuesday night are not eligible to play again for a lower team on the Thursday night of the same week.

Marking and Start Times

Clubs must make their courts available from and matches must commence by 7pm. At least 3 players from each side should be present by this time.
There is no prescribed order for the matches to be played in.

All matches must be marked. Unless agreed otherwise by the opposing captains the home team shall be responsible for marking the one, three, and five string matches and the away team the two and four strings.

Promotions and Relegations

At the end of the Season, the top two teams in Division 4/5 will be promoted. The Divisional Playoff’s decide the overall Division Winner, played between Division Sections.

The bottom team in Division 4 will be relegated.  Teams cannot be relegated from Division 5. Promotions and relegation’s are subject to the proviso that no club shall have more than two teams in the same section of a division each, except in the lowest division where up to 3 teams may be allowed.

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