County Squash

Lymm Squash Club registers teams every year into Winter and Summer leagues within the North West Counties Squash Leaque.

The NWCSL has been in existence for over 50 years and is one of the largest competitive squash leagues in the world. The league runs two competitions: The main ‘Winter’ League from September through to April; and a smaller ‘Summer’ League from May to July, which only contains less clubs.
Many clubs from the North West of England enter the league, which has 5 divisions of around 25 to 30 teams and around 2000 players involved.
Clubs compete in up to 5 divisions, operating a pyramid system containing around 25 to 30 sections, with some 2000 players involved.

With the exception of Division 1, matches are played on Thursday evenings and are recorded on the NWCSL website. Players who are registered to play in the NWCSL leagues have an individual ranking that allows a player to see how he/she ranks across all divisions.

Promotions and Relegations are decided by Section 1 of the NWCSL Rules, and vary according to several factors.
Generally the 1st place team will be promoted and the 2nd place team may either be promoted or entered into a play-off for promotion; the teams that are relegated are determined after accommodating all promoted teams and any changes to the number of teams in a division.
With the exception of the 1st, Divisions are split into regional sections(i.e. Division 3 Central, Division 3 North, etc.) with the overall winner of a Division decided by a play-off containing the top team from each region.

Each team the Lymm Squash Club enters into the NWCSL is assigned a Team Captain, responsible for arranging players to attend matches, ensuring correct submission of results, and should be familiar with the NWCSL Rules.

For further information, visit the NWCSL Website.

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