Club Ladder

Lymm Squash Club run an internal Club Ladder to determine the rankings of its members.
The ladder provides members competitive squash year round and the rankings are used by Team Captains to aid in selection of players for NWCSL Matches.

All members are eligible to compete and can challenge a player up to 2 places higher than themselves. If a player challenges and wins, they take the place of their opponent on the ladder and the loser moves down one place.

New players joining the ladder can challenge any player they wish. If they win, they take that place and everyone else below moves down a place. This is their flying challenge. If they lose however, they would need to work their way up the ladder as described above (only 2 places at a time).

Current Ladder Standings

(Last Updated 17/08/2016)

1Darren McCann-0000
2Steve Turnbull-0000
3Peter Asaad-0000
4Roger Longman-0000
5Jack Leyland-0000
6Matt Gower-0000
7Keith Spencer-0000
8Mark Brown-0000
9Alan Wilkinson-0000
10Graham Draper-0000
11Mike Matthews-0000
12Martin Tompsett-0000
13Brian Holliday-0000
14Simon Lundy-0000
15Dave Jarman-0000
16Liam Smith-0000
17Chris Mundy-0000
18Rick Wood-0000
19Dave Wood-0000
20Dave Exley-0000
21Jimmy Sharpe-0000

Match History

(Last Updated 17/08/2016)


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