Lymm Squash Academy

About Lymm Squash Academy

Lymm Squash Academy, run and led by Coaches at Lymm Squash Club, has been introduced with the following aims:

  • To encourage Junior participation in Squash and other sports
  • To engage with the local community and offer a valuable sporting venue
  • To develop and nurture future talent into competitive Squash and its professions

The Academy promotes Squash to the local community by hosting public ‘Try-It’ sessions throughout the year and runs 6 week coaching programs for 5-11yr and 12-17yr age groups.


About Mini Squash

Lymm Squash own a range of Mini Squash Equipment, designed for children of different size, age and ability, which eases their introduction to Squash.

Mini Squash was designed by a practising Head of PE for Key Stage 1 and 2 children, and all ESR Affiliated Squash Coaches are qualified to coach Mini Squash sessions.

Lymm Squash Academy Mini's

Lymm Squash Academy Mini’s Group

Lymm Squash Academy Junior's

Lymm Squash Academy Junior’s Group

As juniors develop, coaches can provide all the support and advice needed to progress in the sport; such as entry into National competitions, coaching qualifications, refereeing qualifications, and more.


About the Programs

Lymm Squash currently runs frequent 6 week development programs on Saturday mornings, for separate age groups:

  • Mini’s 5 to 11 Years
  • Junior’s 12 to 17 Years

Each program begins by gauging the ability of each player before splitting into groups based on age/ability.  The program aims to develop the skills and technical ability of each child, culminating in fun games and competitions at the end of each program with prizes given to all children.

Programs are broken down into 6 week chunks for the convenience of children and parents but we hope that children will re-enrol onto subsequent programs to continue their development.

To enquire about the dates for coaching programs please Email our Coaches



To enrol on programs, children or their parent/guardian must join the club as a member then each 6 week program costs £18 per child (£3 per session).

3 Membership options:

  1. Child joins the club as a Junior(Student) member (£5pcm + £18 per program)
    1. All the benefits of a full member
    2. Eligible to play in County and National competitions including County Squash training sessions
  2. Parent joins the club as a Social member (£10 per quarter + £18 per program)
    1. Child can only attend coaching program sessions
  3. Parent joins the club as an Adult Squash/Rugby member (£10pcm + £18 per program)
    1. All the benefits of being a full member for parent/guardian
    2. Child can only attend coaching program sessions


Parents are also required to complete the attached Parental Consent and Medical Declaration form, prior to their child being allowed to participate in coaching sessions.  This form should be given to the coach at the first session.

A membership and direct debit form is included within this information pack.  Additional membership forms are available through the Squash Club Website or at the Clubhouse Bar.  Membership forms can be given to the coach or sent directly to the club.

Program payments (£18) can be made by cash or cheque (made payable to “Lymm Squash Club”) and are also given directly to the Coach at the start of the program.



If your child is unwell or unable to attend any sessions, please inform the coach prior to the session.  We apologise that no refunds can be made for missed sessions.



Suitable sports clothing must be worn by all participants of the program. Shorts, Skirts, or Tracksuit bottoms with t-shirt are adequate. Sports trainers with good grip must be worn, indoor trainers are recommended.  Coaches withhold the right to turn away any child not wearing suitable clothing.

All equipment including Rackets and Goggles are provided by the Squash club, but children may also bring their own.

We recommend that children bring a bottle of water with them to sessions.


Safety Note

Coaches are only responsible for children during the session times.  Parents are responsible for their children before and after the session times.

We advise parents to be present at the club during sessions in case their child wishes to leave early or has an incident.


Medical History

It is the parent’s responsibility to the coaches are informed of any changes in their child’s medical condition or fitness.


If you would like to enquire about when the next Academy program starts or would like to be sent an Information pack please Email our Coaches.

Alternatively if you would like to enquire about Junior Coaching outside of the Lymm Squash Academy program Email our Coaches with your requirements.

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