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Little vs Large at the Beechwood and Lymm1 win Narrowly

IMG_0626First up, a quick mention of an unusual match held at the Beechwood.  Graham Draper faced possibly the smallest opponent seen at the Beechwood court in a competitive match on Thursday night.  Apparently his Junior opponent even took the first game on merit, so a potential star of the future there.

Now to the more serious matter.  Lymm1 travelled to the National Squash Center for their biggest match of the season so far, featuring the top four ranked players in the division in action!

They faced COM 4 who had only lost one match so far in the season (to Lymm 1 previously).

First on was Rob C at 3, who struggled to get going and unfortunately lost very quickly 3-0. The less said about his match the better; he’ll be back fighting next week!

Next on were the number 1s. This pitched the league’s number 1 ranked player, Darren, against the number 2 ranked player, Joel Pellington-Pike; who had been playing for COM2 last week and winning comfortably!  The result was a long and tight match which went all the way. Darren winning (Obviously using his superior fitness) 10-9 in the 5th!

What a much needed result that would turn out to be!!!

Next up was Jack playing at 4. Again the Captain had to dig deep and his match went to 5 too. He didn’t let his team down and won the 5th game to put Lymm 2-1 up.

Tod entered court wearing a brand new warm-up top, apparently cheaper to buy a top than a new sauna! Unfortunately Tod lost 3-1, his second defeat to a Woman this season, possibly highlighting a chink in this giants armour! This tied the match at 2-2.

Chris Drath was last on and didn’t let the team down despatching his opponent 3-0 comfortably and sealing victory and possibly promotion for the Lymm machine!

Well done all round!

I’m afraid I don’t have a match report for Lymm 2 this week.

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An Unbeaten Record Falls But It’s Not Lymm 1’s


It is a dark day in Lymm today. An unbeaten record has fallen, We are in mourning! Where to begin?

First on to face Brooklands 5 was Rob C at 4. He quickly took apart his young opponent who did not take his beating well at all. 3-0 win for Rob.

Next up was our fearless leader Jack at 3. He quickly found himself 2-0 down, nothing new there. He got back to 2-2. Nothing new there. However he lost the 5th unfortunately his unbeaten record has gone. He will certainly bounce back though.

Roger was next up at 5. He came up against a very quick and very fit opponent and despite a valiant effort he lost 3-0. This put us one match away from defeat.

Darren, playing at 1, was next on. Sporting a new colour scheme (new bag, new racket and new trainers) he was keen to impress. His opponent was quickly slain by the Black Knight and Darren won 3-0. Scores tied at 2-2.

Finally Chris was on at 2. Again, sporting and interesting t-shirt, Chris swept his opponent aside 3-0 sealing victory (3-2) for Lymm 1.

Man of the Match this week goes to Darren’s racket for looking so pretty! 20 point lead at the top of the league maintained.



Lymm 2 welcomed league table rivals Sale 2 to the Beechwood on Thursday night, knowing a win for Lymm 2 would pull them level but a loss would increase the gap to 5th in the table.

First on at 5 was Rob S. His opponent loved the long game, with almost every shot a straight drive to a good length. Rob defended well and was getting better as the match wore on and it looked like if he could steal a game his opponent would be run down. Unfortunately there weren’t enough games to do it and he lost 1-9, 5-9, 7-9. One game the other way and the result may have been different. The unbeaten record didn’t last long!

On at 4 was Keith, not playing his best and possibly slightly put off by his opponent taking a run up to every serve, Keith won 9-6, 7-9, 9-7, 10-8. All square at 1-1 so far.

The number 1’s were on next with Steve C promoted to #1 spot for the second week running. Steve continues to overpower and overcome his opponents, and despite playing quite a lot of his shots back to his opponent, they couldn’t handle the pace! The club witnessed some of the best rallies seen at the Beechwood; with reflexes that could rival Ramy Ashour. One particular rally in the 3rd game, Steve dominated the T for a good two minutes, running his opponent ragged! His opponent admitted after the game that after that rally he knew he was a goner, and it was visible to see that it had taken its toll. Steve wrapped up the match 7-9, 9-5, 9-4, 9-0.

Next up at 2 was Mark, who had already recognised his opponent as a very good player. It was clear to see from the outset that his opponent was a different calibre, who would comfortable in division 2 or 3. Mark put up a good performance with some good winners, but his serve was not on the same form as last week. Mark lost 4-9, 1-9, 9-5, 3-9.

Finally on at 3 was Matt. Matt had mistakenly been told that Keith had lost so he went onto court thinking the match was lost and there was no pressure. This seemed to work in Matt’s favour as the pressure his opponent tried to lay on him had no affect. It was a real battle of attrition and the longest match of the night. It went to a 5th game decider and even that was close, but Matt won the match 5-9, 9-6, 9-5, 3-9, 9-5 and with the a 3-2 win for Lymm 2!

Once COM 5 get around to submitting last weeks result it will show Lymm2 now level with 5th place Sale 2 on 7 wins, 5 losses, only split by points.

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First Game Post Christmas And Fortunes Haven’t Changed!

First game after Christmas, any change in the fortunes of Lymm1?

Well 5-0 and 20 points against Monton 3 would say no but a match that started just after 7 and only finished after 11pm tells the story of how hard the match was tonight.

First on was Rob Coupe at 4. He gave his young opponent a good squash lesson beating him 3-1.

Next on was Darren McCann at 1. Talk about making hard work of it. Not only did Darren drop his first game of the season he found himself 2-1 down and staring defeat in the face. Competitive pride got him through his hardest match of the season only dropping 3 points in the last 2 games.

Next we had the 2s. Chris Drath was comfortable in his match always looking in control. His opponent had a massive strop and then went on a stupid and child like rampage through the club refusing to shake Chris’ hand! Poor form!

With the match in the bag the 3s entered court. Jack Leyland was not feeling 100% and was up against a good opponent. He too found himself 2-1 down. However a true captain led by example and dug very deep to fight back and win another 3-2.

Finally going on at 10:30PM was Matt Gower. We will overlook the fact his opponent was 87! Matt still did the job winning 3-0 and thus sealing a 5-0 victory.

A late one but a win that extends Lymm 1’s lead to 22 points at the top of the league. Next up is Brooklands away!


Alan Saves Embarrassment With Late Call Up for Lymm 2

Firstly a big thanks go to Alan Wilkinson. A short notice personnel change meant Alan only found out at 06:40PM that he was needed at Centre of Manchester Squash Centre for 7PM and that included him needing a lift!

It was also a long night for Lymm 2 as despite COM having 7 courts, 3 were being prepared for the Nationals so 6 teams shared 3 courts.

First on at 5 was Rob Spurr, looking to maintain a 100% record he comfortably went 8-0 up in the first game without dropping serve. Not wanting to bagel and dishearten his younger opponent he gifted the serve and instantly regretted it when he lost the next 3 points in a row. That ended any further gifting of points and he took it 9-3. The remainder of the match was wrapped up quickly with a good 3-0 win.

Next on at 4 was Alan Wilkinson playing a female Junior. Alan had a few uncharacteristic tins early on but snatched the first game from his opponent. Into the second game and his opponent seemed to have figured out or been told she’d get more points by varying long drives with drop shots. Alan kept his resolute focused demeanour and countered with good flat winners that his opponent had no chance of reaching. This was the catalyst for his opponent as mistakes crept into her game and Alan wrapped up the match; another win and 2-0 up. Alan quoted after “I think that was my first win in about 10 years!”.

Graham Drapper was next up at 3, playing the mother of the girl Alan has just beat! This match was a close one and most of the games could have gone either way until half way through the 5th game when Graham had clearly had enough of playing his opponent and stepped up the gears reducing the boasts and pulling out some great straight drives his opponent couldn’t read or get to. A close fought but good win and with that the overall team win was secured. A true professional, obviously not content with just winning, Graham came off and still complained about the sound the courts made!

Mark Brown was on at 2 against a younger opponent who looked like he could run two marathons and then start a squash match. Mark was playing well and his serves in the first 3 games were impeccable, taking one of the games 9-0 as his opponent couldn’t return a serve! Unfortunately the next game started badly as Mark lost control of the serve and his opponent started to hit the ball hard. Once a rally started, his opponents speed and power got the better of Mark who ran out of steam losing the next two games in quick succession. It was hard fought but unfortunately a loss 2-3.

Finally Steve Clarke was promoted to the #1 spot replacing Roger. Having seen his opponent play earlier in the season the prediction was for Steve to win 3-0 and he didn’t disappoint! A comprehensive display as Steve’s ability continues to develop at a staggering rate. His opponent didn’t seem to be able to keep up with the speed that Steve hits it and the match was over so quick, I missed half of it going for a quick toilet break! Lymm 1 might be poaching Steve from Lymm 2 before the seasons out!

A strong team performance and once again, big thanks to Alan for stepping up on very short notice.

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Lymm1 reach Christmas undefeated!

The final game of the first half of the season saw Lymm 1 take on Moss Side. With an unbeaten record to defend the stakes were high.

First on was Tod at 4. He is badly missing the Lancastrian sauna as his new warm up is called the first game! After he got going Tod put in an impressive performance winning 3-1. After the match there was even talk of, wait for it… Tod investing in track suit bottoms!

Next on was Graham at 5. Surely not even our favourite enigma could lose at 5? Oh yes he could, [lost] 3-0 however it wasn’t his fault as the floor was dusty, the court was cold, he didn’t like the ball and his opponent played better squash!

Jack was up next against Nadal at 3. A tight match saw Jack ‘I will win it in 5’ Leyland wait till it was 2-2 to produce his best squash taking the final game 9-1, for yet another win 3-2.

Next on court was Chris Drath making his debut for Lymm. He encountered a tougher match than expected but displayed some world class shot making to win 3-0.

With the match already won Darren was on last playing at 1. There was little festive spirit from Darren as he beat his opponent 3-0. No messing at all!

A good 4-1 win for Lymm1. The night unfortunately let down by the food again. Lymm 1 top of the table with a slim 20 point lead over the second placed team!


Lymm2 visited City of Manchester 4 and unfortunately didn’t fare so well.

COM4 are sitting second in the table and have only lost 1 game this season. They put on another strong display although Steve Clarke had them worried when he went 2-0 up; unfortunately eventually losing 3-2.

All teams will now enjoy the Christmas break but Lymm1 might feel themselves tightening their belts this Christmas to ensure they stay in form for the second half of the season!

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Derby leaves Lymm1 bruised but still unbeaten!

What a night at Beechwood!  Lymm 2 hosted Lymm 1 in a hard fought derby. The event was attended by the NWCSL Secretary Steve Eccles, who kindly offered to mark two of the matches. I don’t think he realised the rivalry he was about to witness!

The tension was high, drama was immense, neither team wanted to lose; the stage was set for an epic battle to commence!

First on court were the 3s, Steve Clarke vs Graham Collier.  A good quality match with flashes of brilliance from both players but it was Steve who won sealing a 3-1 victory.

Lymm 2 leading 1-0.

Next on were the 5s, Mark Brown vs Graham Drapper. A close fought match full of winners, definitely the longest of the night, saw Mark win 3-2.

Lymm 2 leading 2-0!

Number 4s we’re on next, Matt Gower vs Tod Bulmer. Matt knowing he could seal victory for Lymm2 and Tod knowing he had to win; his team mates praying his hamstring held.  Tod thrives in these scenarios and stayed focused, composed and deadly serious throughout.  Tod won 3-0 despite an early scare from an in-form Matt.

Lymm 2 lead 2-1.

Number 2s were up next, Roger Longman vs Jack Leyland; the Captain’s Battle. Under the same pressure situation and another first game scare, Jack emulated Tod’s achievement to triumph 3-0 in a very tight match.

2-2. Number 1s have to battle it out!

The Number 1s showdown was Rob Coupe vs Darren McCann. The pair hadn’t played each other since the clubs combined and both were in-form. Luckily for the Lymm1, Darren managed to win a good quality match 3-0 and seal victory for Lymm1…but only just!

Both teams were delighted further when they heard that league rivals Bowden 7 slumped to a loss at home against City of Manchester 4!

Great match, great night! Who needs a panto when there is drama, action and comedy like that!

Both teams have one match remaining before the Christmas break and Lymm1 will be looking to reach that still unbeaten.

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