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2016/2017 Squash Fixture List Published

The Northwest Counties Squash League fixture list for the upcoming 2016/2017 winter league has been published. To view these go to, enter the ‘Results Zone’ and view fixtures. Lymm 1 are playing in the 5th division in the ‘Central South’ section.

All members interested in playing  for the team on Thursday evenings please contact me on


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2014/15 Fixtures are out!

The 2014/15 Northwest Counties Squash League Fixtures are out, and there’s been some rule changes too!

From this season forward, NWCSL will adopt PARS (Point-A-Rally-Scoring) to fall in line with World Squash and the majority of the rest of the world.

The Fixtures and League Tables can be found in the usual place on the website:

This season is set to be an exciting season with Lymm1 in Division 4 and Lymm2 in Division 5.

If you’d like to get involved with the 2014/15 Team Squash season, find out who the team captains are and ask to get involved!

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Lymm1 Play-off Quarter Final Match Report

Lymm’s division Champions [Lymm 1] took on the Central South Champions Liverpool CC 5 on Thursday night. Both teams topped their respective leagues so a close encounter was anticipated. Lymm had four players making their play-off débuts so nerves and apprehension were clear, however once the crowd arrived and the chanting started the result was never in doubt!

First on court was Steve Clarke. He took on an experienced and argumentative opponent and showed off his speed and hard hitting to come out on top of a tight and hard fought match winning 3-2. Lymm were 1-0 up.

The crowd got what they wanted when the enigmatic Graham ‘G-Dog’ Collier entered the court. He loves a crowd and treated them to some classic dog! Graham ran out a 3-1 winner and then posed for the camera as he signed autographs for his sizeable fan club!

With the opportunity to win the match, Captain Jack was next up playing at 3. Jack showed no nerves at all as he displayed his impressive drives overpowering his opponent and looking very impressive as he raced to a 2-0 lead in front of his beloved girlfriend and enthusiastic crowd. Unfortunately for the supporters Jack’s super energetic opponent staged a great fight back resulting in a 3-2 loss. Score Lymm 2 Liverpool 1.

The number 1’s were next on with Darren McCann determined to seal the match and get revenge for his captain. With beautifully coordinated clothing Darren raced to a 2-0 lead before his opponent staged a fight back in the third. However drawing strength from the balcony he won the game 10-9 sealing the match for Lymm!

Last but certainly not least was Chris ‘The Beard’ Drath playing coincidently at 2 and against a 12 year old! Chris is a big match player and saved his best performance of the season for this match despatching a strong opponent with a 3-0 win.
A great win, great support, a great night and topped off with great lime pickle!
Next up a trip to Blackburn for the Play-Off Semi-Finals!

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Lymm1 Champions with a game in hand!

Lymm1 entertained Lymm2 this week, in the biggest derby not on tv, knowing that 11 points would be enough to become champions.  This is a competitive club and there would be no 20-10 match here!

First on were the number 1s. Steve Clark was looking forward to taking on Darren McCann following his recent good run of form. Steve was hoping to use his superior strength, speed and fitness to beat Darren however it was Darren who maintained his unbeaten record this season winning 3-0.

Next up was Graham Collier vs Keith Spencer. The first game was very close with Graham (who wasn’t driving tonight) sneaking it 10-9. The next two games went fairly comfortably to Graham and a 3-0 win was secured.

Roger Longman vs Rob Spurr was the next match on court. Both players gave everything and there were some fantastic rallies which entertained a now packed balcony (Thanks to the Lancastrian Barmy Army) Roger used his superior experience to run out a 3-0 winner. Special mention to Rob Spurr’s colour coordination! Very impressive!

Captain Jack Leyland was next up taking on Mike ‘No Surrender’ Matthews. Despite Mike’s very impressive warm-up Jack raced into a 2-0 lead, however as Mike stripped off there was hope of a resurgence. Unfortunately despite getting the fans hot and bothered Mike could not crack Jack and the captain won 3-0.

Finally we had Chris Drath vs Mark Brown. The best match of the night was saved to last! Some fantastic two shot rallies were evident as both players produced world class serves and world class drops (and world class marking by Darren who was forced to mark despite his protests about how he should be treated better by his captain!) Chris managed to steal victory from Mark 9-7 in the fifth game.

So a resounding 20-2 victory and the league title for the 1st Team!

Final games of the regular season are next week and the Champions visit Moss Side and the Lymm2 host COM 4.

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Lymm1 Steaming Towards The Championship

Lymm1 entertained David Lloyd Manchester on Thursday evening. The season is entering its final few weeks and City of Manchester and Bowdon are challenging Lymm for the title.

First on were the number 1s. Darren was in no mood to repeat the generous 3-2s of recent weeks. Jack who was marking said afterwards he felt bad and guilty for Darren’s opponent. 9-0 and 9-1 in the first two games before Darren’s opponent sprang into life with a change of racket and the introduction of a cross court volley nick kill! DLM’s number 1 raced into a 6-0 lead before Darren remembered how to play, eventually winning 9-7.

Next on was Tod, once again sporting his very impressive warm-up top (which actually was never taken off during the match!) Tod intimidated and bullied his opponent into submission. Dangerous drives, super smashes and sensational serves all led to a very controlled 3-0 win.

Captain Jack was up next. Over the season you will be aware of Jack’s tendency to make the match last the full 5 games. However this week we saw a mean, determined and focussed Jack who destroyed his opponent only losing 2 points in the whole match. This resulted in his opponent coming off court sitting down on the balcony and crying! G-Dog’s pre-match chat about ‘Eating their children’ (a quote form Mike Tyson) clearly got to Jack! Lymm 3-0 up.

And speaking of the Dog, Graham Collier was also in no mood to lose tonight. He teased and tortured his ailing opponent who had no answer to the mesmeric shot selection from G-Dog (who was clearly out to impress his captain and be selected for the playoff team!)

Finally Drath Vader made his appearance at 2. He was playing a lady and did not make the same mistake Tod has made this year. He played wonderfully controlled squash never really looking in danger (apart from the game he dropped). Chris sealed a 5-0 win for Lymm and was then a complete gentleman as he allowed his opponent to shower first!

Next week we travel to Bowdon for a title shootout! All support is very much welcome!

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