Mini Squash

Mini SquashMini Squash is a fun variation of Squash and the England Squash and Racketball approved programme for introducing children aged 5 to 11 to Squash.

Using specialised equipment designed to help children learn the basic skills as well as develop coordination and balance, Mini Squash provides a curriculum linked approach to teaching squash that is flexible, easy to follow and fun..

The programme was designed by a practising Head of PE for Key Stage 1 and 2 children, and all ESR Affiliated Squash Coaches are qualified to coach Mini Squash sessions.


Development Levels

esr_2 - Copy There are three different levels to suit all Ages and Skill levels; starting at FUN, progressing on to PLAY and then COMPETE as children improve.

At the end of each level children are awarded with a Mini Squash Certificate for that level.


Level 1 – FUN

This is the first level of Mini Squash. FUN games develop key movement and coordination skills while being introduced to the basics of squash.

Level 2 – PLAY

PLAY is the second level of Mini Squash. Sessions involve hitting practices and games to develop basic racket/hand-eye coordination. The ball used for this level is bigger and bouncier than a traditional ball, giving children more time to learn and play basic strokes.

Level 3 – COMPETE

The third and final level of Mini Squash is COMPETE. Sessions help prepare children for the full game of squash through the development of the technical and tactical principles of the game. Players also learn key shots such as the drive, volley, service, boast, drop and lob.




There is a range of equipment designed for the Mini Squash programme, which Lymm Squash Club provide as part of coaching sessions:

Mini Squash balls are sold in boxes of 12, and come in three sizes: FUNdation, IMPROVER, and PRO.

Mini Squash rackets are available in three sizes to suit the relevant level: FUNdation, IMPROVER, and PRO.

Junior Eye Protection is mandatory for all competitive Junior games and is therefore provided by Lymm Squash club as part of sessions where necessary.


The only equipment children need as part of Lymm Mini Squash sessions is suitable Clothing and Trainers!  This makes it incredibly easy for parents to get their children involved in Mini Squash.

To Enquire about Mini Squash Programmes and Taster Sessions at Lymm Squash Club contact

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