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Squash is a fast-paced game played within a 4 walled court, that at the highest level requires the combination of skill, speed and supreme fitness.squash_court_416_2
The ball can reach speeds of up to 200kph and players can burn off up to 1000 calories per hour of squash.

The basic principle of squash is to alternate hitting the ball against the front wall until your opponent cannot get it back any more, always hitting the front wall above the board (“tin”) and below the out line.
The ball can hit any walls before the front wall but if a player fails to hit the ball before it bounces twice, hits the ball into the floor before it hits the front wall, or hits it outside the out line, then they lose the rally.
A player can also lose a rally if the ball hits them or their clothing before they strike the ball.

Games are scored using a Point-a-rally (PAR) system, either playing to 11 or 15. A match is usually a best of 3 or 5 games. If the score reaches 10-10 (in PAR 11) or 14-14 (in PAR 15), the game is played until one player scores 2 more points than the other.


Experienced players know that the best way to win a game of squash is to make the opponent do the running.
The player who controls the “T”, at the centre of the court can control the rally and is generally in the best position to win the game.
The back two corners are the hardest areas on a squash court for your opponent to return the ball from.
Another place good players aim for where the ball doesn’t bounce very well, is the join between the wall and the floor, known as the “nick”.


BallsSquash is played with a hollow rubber ball and different coloured grades are available to suit different standards of players:

  • Blue – Fast, Highest Bounce, Beginner
  • Red – Medium, High Bounce, Amateur
  • Yellow – Slow, Medium Bounce, Advanced
  • Double Yellow – Very Slow, Low Bounce, Professional

Squash racquets share many similarities to tennis racquets but have a longer handle and narrower head, giving great reach.
They are 70 cm long, with a maximum strung area of 500 square centimetres and a weigh between 110 and 200 grams.

Squash is a hugely popular sport, in the UK and across the globe and Mini Squash is also available to teach youngsters how to play the game.


For more information about Squash in England visit: http://www.englandsquashandracketball.com/

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